Defense Case Study 1

JCE Harvey Consulting recognizes the important commitment of those serving our country, and the companies that make it possible for them to do so. Our experts have helped to solve pressing business concerns in the Defense arena as well.


Losing Ground: A Case Study on Improving Costs and Quality 


Case Overview

An industry leading defense contractor was having issues with low deliverable quality and long lead times in one of their departments, poorly defined business process

requirements, excessive and unnecessarily stringent peer

reviews, and ill trained personnel. JCE Harvey Consulting

Principal was tasked with improving this business process

through implementation of Lean and Six Sigma tools.




1. We mapped out the initial business process to

understand the current state of the process, determine  

which activities were redundant and created a bench mark

against which future improvements would be measured.


2. We designed and implemented process improvement

solutions and A/B tested them within the department.


3. We created a strategic control plan to lock those changes

into place, as well as a new standard operating procedure to ensure the department's process did not begin to regress.




Financial Savings: This client is on course to save over

$1.1 million over the next 2 years as a result of Principal Consultant's implementation.


Structured Business Process: An updated business process plan was rolled out to ensure all departmental staff were clear on the new process.


Improved Quality: Product quality improved by 30% resulting in a reduction in subsequent quality complaints and rework.


The company in which this project was deployed, is a multinational conglomerate. This company provides deliverables in areas ranging from software solutions to defense products. The company was experiencing issues that resulted in them losing millions from their bottom line. JCE Harvey Consulting Principal was tasked with improving this business process.

Featured Expert

Jeremy Harvey

Principal Consultant 

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