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Operations Consulting

Services Offered

In a sea of look alike consulting firms, we pride ourselves in being different from the rest. That means daring to swim upstream, when every one else is going down stream. That means not only sitting in an office or boardroom and making suggestions, but getting to know our clients and their unique needs. That means not delivering presentations with recycled solutions, but delivering customized solutions. And more importantly, that means delivering value to our clients. Below are the core services that our firm offers.

  • ​​Business Process Consulting: Our consultants delve into your business processes and find areas that can be improved. We combine best practices from Lean and Six Sigma by cutting waste, while at the same time improving quality and efficiency. In other words, we help your business do better with less.

  • Business Process RedesignAfter finding the areas of optimization, and creating a solution, we work with your personnel to implement those solutions. Ensuring that only high quality processes make the cut. After, we create a control strategy to ensure that improvements become part of 'doing business.' 

  • Cost Reduction & Control Consulting: We find feasible ways to cut costs wherever possible. This can mean helping our clients to reduce waste, improving deliverable quality, or working with client's existing accounts to reassess existing expenses.

  • Operations Consulting: We identify the fundamentals of high performance for your business and then make sure you meet them. We assess what is being done and how it can be done better. This ensures that a high level of operational excellence is achieved, which means a beneficial impact for your business and its bottomline.

  • Performance MeasurementEvery company strives for high standards that consistently meet high level goals, as defined by their customer. From determining and tracking KPIs, to helping companies to develop action plans to better meet their business goals. Our consultants are able to help your company perform better, while being more efficient.

  • Project ManagementEvery successful project no matter the size, has one thing in common; they are managed efficiently and effectively, from start to finish. Our experts have experience managing all kinds of projects ranging from small, single department projects to large, organization wide projects.

  • Quality Assurance & Control: We enable our clients to better hear the Voice of the Customer, and the Voice of the Business. As a result, your business can better supply high quality deliverables. Once this is done, we update standard operating procedures, ensuring you hit your mark every time.

  • Staffing & Recruiting: A key part in getting the job done well is having the people, we understand this. We find the right people for the right jobs based on your business's needs, so that you can spend more time 

      doing what matters. Our firm has over 20 years of experience in staffing and recruiting for IT and operations         roles.

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